Top UI Interview Questions for Full Stack Java Developers

Top UI Interview Questions for Full Stack Java Developers

Below are the frequently asked UI interview questions for Full Stack Developers. Be well prepared for interview questions from javaScript, jQuery,Angular JS, css, bootstrap and html.

JavaScript Interview Questions
1. Difference between == and ===?
2. Difference between get and post?
3. What are JavaScript and jQuery selector?
4. Function isNan() in javascript, one use case?
5. What are undefined and null dataypes of Javascript?

Html and CSS Interview Questions
1. Html5 vs Html?
2. Html5 features?
3. Css3 features?
4. Gradient vs Linear in css?
5. What is SVG?
6. Box model in css?
7. What is Canvas?
8. What are id Selector and Class Selector?
9. Cache and Local Storage in HTML5
10. Html 5 Section and link
11. Html is case sensitive?
12. How to create responsive Webpage?

Angular js Interview Questions
1. How to invoke Java Code from Angular js?
2. Why and how you have angular js in your project?
3. Difference between angular js and node js?
4. Use of ng-animate on page load?
5. How to create custom service in angular js?
6. Difference between ng-bind and expression?
7. What is Digestive Cycle?
8. Use of ng-pristine, ng-init and ng-load?
9. What are directive in angular js?
10. Can we have Multiple Controller or Multiple Module in Single Application?
11. Have you used Angular with Bootstrap?
12. How to route one page to another page in angular js?
13. What is the difference between $rootscope vs $scope?
14. What is $watch and $clock?


If you have asked any other questions related to UI, please add in below comment section.

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